Those who are arrested will be banned from re entering Thailand

November 21, 2012

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replica Purse “Those in Thailand on a visa would do well to make sure they are in compliance with the relevant regulations.Immigration Bureau chief Pol Maj Gen Natthorn Prosunthorn was quoted by the media in December 2015 as saying the royal decree on the blacklisting was expected to be promulgated in late March.Those with a year of overstay and who turn themselves in will be subject to a three year entry ban to Thailand, while if they have more than three years of overstay the ban will be five years and if the overstay is more than five years the ban will be 10 years.Those who are arrested will be banned from re entering Thailand for between five and 10 years, depending on the length of overstay.Pol Maj Gen Natthorn said the existing Thai law for overstaying was weak, with fines of only Bt20,000.Thailand meanwhile has introduced a six month multiple entry tourist visa Knockoff Bags or METV.Whereas a current tourist visa for Thailand allows for one to three entries, Replica Bags the new METV allows unlimited border crossings during its validity period. However, to limit foreigners from essentially living in Thailand on a tourist visa, each entry on the METV is limited to 60 days. The METV costs Bt5,000.The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is hoping the METV will promote Thailand as a destination for weekend vacations and encourage business people to visit Thailand more often.Those planning to visit Thailand and wanting more information about a visa can contact Thai embassies or consulates abroad, while those already in Thailand can contact an immigration office or visit a Thai or international law firm in Thailand which can offer valuable and well founded advice on the Thai visa service process.These firms offer a range of Thai law, Thai labour law, legal, accounting, immigration, auditing services and other general services. replica Purse

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