The koi was transformed into a beautiful golden dragon with

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Hermes Replica Bags The current fees are $25 per pupil, per sport. Varsity sports will continue to carry a $25 per student fee per sport.To ensure that there is Hermes Replica Bags proper funding for the athletic programs, there will be a $300 maximum family limitation to the fees,” Bacewicz said.Guzman said the alternative would have been eliminating the programs.Sports were on the list of cuts earlier in the budget process,” Guzman said. He said the cost of junior varsity and freshmen sports was $70,106.We did this in order to bring back sports,” he said.Guzman said the school board also cut about $40,000 from its special education tuition account, which pays for children with special needs to attend schools in other districts when necessary Hermes Replica Bags.

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