Activision executives, including CEO Robert Kotick, are

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cheap celine handbag Shareholders initially criticized the deal’s high price but eventually grew to appreciate GVT once Cheap Celine Handbags it started to drive Vivendi’s earnings growth.GVT, an alternative provider of fixed telephone, broadband, and TV services in 120 Brazilian cities, is likely to attract interest from larger telecoms companies.The company has been investing heavily to build its high speed fiber broadband network to take advantage of historically weak Internet services in Brazil’s booming economy. Vivendi is bankrolling 1 billion euros of capital expenditure for GVT this year because it doesn’t generate enough cash to finance the expansion.”Given the potential in broadband (in Brazil), there is a lot of long term value for these guys,” said one telecoms sector banker.A spokeswoman for GVT declined to comment. Activision could not be immediately reached for comment.A Vivendi spokesman said: “Vivendi never comments on unfounded rumors on its different businesses and is not going to start now.”Activision Talks In addition to looking for a tech or media company to buy Activision, the sources said another option being explored is for Activision itself to cheapcelinehandbagsale buy out Vivendi’s 60 percent stake.The video games company, known for its online game World of Warcraft, has hired JP Morgan and Allen Co to advise it on the transaction.Activision executives, including CEO Robert Kotick, are interested in such a deal, but it’s not clear they could offer enough of a premium to tempt Vivendi, the sources said. cheap celine handbag

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