Climate Change and Cities Book Launch

On October 21, we celebrated the New York book launch of Climate Change and Cities: First Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network, co-edited by EPSM’s own Assistant Professor Shagun Mehrotra. Shagun was joined by all of his co-editors, Cynthia Rosenzweig,, of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Sciences, CUNY’s William D. Solecki, and MIT’s Stephen A. Hammer, on a panel moderated by EPSM Chair John Clinton. Judging from the considerably larger than expected attendance on a Friday night, the topic is resonating with the NYC community. The reception was produced in association with U-N-F-O-L-D: A Cultural Response to Climate Change exhibition, on view at the gallery of the Shelia C. Johnson Design Center through Dec. 15. For those who couldn’t attend, you can watch a video of the panel discussion here: Cities Respond to Climate Change Book Launch 2011